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Explore the best of the best! Starred titles are our featured movies of the month. Click through to see our reviews and suggestions for movies with a similar flavor. And remember to check back each month for updates.

The Big Lebowski

Every once in a while, a movie comes along that audiences glom onto in almost irrational ways. The Big Lebowski, our most popular title from 1998, is one such movie. But is it any good?

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star 1998
Office Space

Mike Judge is a national treasure and Office Space is an American original. If you're looking for a self-deprecating way to binge through a weekend, start with Office Space and then check out Judge's more recent hits, including...

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star 1999

Gladiator is one of those epic historical films that you never forget. Released in 2000, it's still one of the best films in Hollywood history. No wonder it was our most popular movie from 2000.

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star 2000

A man suffering from memory loss attempts to track down his wife's killer. What could go wrong? Christopher Nolan's unique, non-linear approach to storytelling created a masterpiece we'll never forget.

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star 2001
bourne identity

Quick, how many Bourne flicks are there? And which is the best one? To answer these important questions, we dug into our rental data and what we found might surprise you.

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star 2002
Mystic River

If you're from the Boston area, you know all about "Southie" and the whole gritty Boston crime genre, a genre that's delivered some of the best dramas the world has ever seen. It all started with Mystic River, DVD Netflix's most popular movie of 2003.

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star 2003
The Notebook

Imagine having a friend that never saw The Notebook. How is that even possible? See what happens when a Millennial takes her Gen X friend to see one of DVD Netflix's most rented Nicholas Sparks' movies of all time.

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star 2004

If you love epic movies, the kind that feature a large cast of stars with a variety of storylines, you'll love our most popular movie from 2005.

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star 2005
The Departed

Martin Scorsese is a living legend. Taxi Driver. Raging Bull. The man's a genius. But you may be surprised to know The Departed tops the list of the most rented Scorsese DVDs since 1998. See the Top 5 Martin Scorsese rented films and find out which ones you may have missed.

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star 2006
Bucket List

Who came up with the idea for a 'Bucket List?' And if you were to create a bucket list of movies — other than our most rented title in 2007 — the ones you think everyone should see before they die, what movies would be on that that list?

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star 2007
The Hurt Locker

Sometimes a movie comes out of nowhere, grabs people's attention and won't let go. That's the Hurt Locker, the most popular release of 2008 that helped Kathryn Bigelow become the first woman to win the Academy Award for Best Director.

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star 2008
The Blindside

The most popular DVD of 2009, The Blind Side, was also Sandra Bullock's greatest performance. You can argue that nothing will ever top Speed or her performance in Gravity showed more depth, but The Blind Side won her an Academy Award she richly deserved.

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star 2009

Watching a Christopher Nolan movie is like being in a dream. From Memento to 2010's most rented DVD Inception, Nolan's unique ability to play with time and perception makes him one of the most fascinating directors of our time.

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star 2010
The Lincoln Lawyer

You either love Matthew McConaughey or you don't. But starting with The Lincoln Lawyer and Dallas Buyer's Club, he's delivered a string of sterling performances, proving he's capable of much more than Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

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star 2011
Hunger Games

Whoever came up with the idea to turn dystopian young adult novels into movies deserves a genius award. The most popular DVD of 2012 — The Hunger Games — features Jennifer Lawrence and Donald Sutherland in the epic original that started it all.

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star 2012
Captain Phillips

Some actors fade away. And then there's Tom Hanks. From early classics like Cast Away to 2013's most rented DVD Captain Phillips, Hanks' ability to humbly turn heroic when things fall apart captures a part of American spirit that never gets old.

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star 2013
The Monuments Men

Heist movies are one of Hollywood's go-to genres. A skilled team of eccentrics make an elaborate plan to score big. Monuments Men flips the script. This is a heist movie in reverse—with Nazis.

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star 2014
The Martian

Films of survival captivate us. We wonder: "Could I make it alone on an island or at the top of a mountain?" The Martian takes that to a whole new level by abandoning Matt Damon on the new frontier—Mars.

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star 2015

Another captain. Another true story. Tom Hanks knows a winning combo when he sees it. Real-life situations have a quality that keeps us guessing—even when we've read the news story.

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star 2016
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman shattered the glass ceiling, box office records, and was our most rented film in 2017. Gal Gadot, as Wonder Woman, effortlessly carried the film, and helped carve a path for more superheroines.

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star 2017

Evolution of the envelope.

Wait, the envelope wasn't always red? Nope. The original was white, then switched to yellow before settling on the iconic red in 2001.

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States of union.

When it comes to movie-watching, we all have our own preferences. But, there are standouts—movies so unifying in their appeal that entire states (multiple states, even!) embrace them. Roll over the 6 most rented movies to see which states could enjoy movie night together, and which ones went rogue.

  • The Blindside
  • The Bucket List
  • Crash
  • The Hurt Locker
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • The Departed
Map of United States

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There’s been so much amazing TV over the years it’s hard to know where to get started. Well, we’re here to help you sort through all the awesomeness. Select a TV list, fill it in, and share it for the chance to win some fun 20th anniversary prizes!

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There's so much to love about the year we shipped our first DVD. Fill in the blanks with some of your favorite '98 memories and share your personalized story for a chance to win DVD20 Prizes!

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Whether it's iconic movies you still need to see (The Godfather) or guilty pleasures (the Fast & Furious flicks), everyone has their movie lists. Select a movie list, fill it in, and share it for the chance to win some fun 20th Anniversary prizes!

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